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Family-run Knights find their shining armour with Ketchup

Who is Knights of Oakham?

Knights of Oakham is a family-run business who have been serving their local community in Oakham since 1934. We are retailers of electrical appliances, including fridges, TVs, washing machines, dryers, cookers, and more.

As members of Euronics, we have access to a huge range of electrical appliances at low prices, which means we can pass large savings onto our customers – which is exactly what we do.

And in addition to stocking a diverse range of appliances at low prices, we offer incredible service, such as free same-day delivery on stocked items. In addition, we’ll arrange to collect and take away your old appliances (which will be recycled). We will also connect your new appliances for you too. We work extra hard to ensure that when the time comes to replace an appliance, Knights of Oakham will make this renewal process as easy as possible for you.


Our work with Ketchup Marketing

We offer the quality, low prices, brand names, and service of national electrical chains, but we’re a small-scale operation, with a single store on the main High Street in Oakham. We connected with Ketchup when we were looking for a marketing agency to work with us to create a new look for our store. We want to stand out by demonstrating to our customers that we offer excellent value combined with incredible service we – and all on their doorstep!


A new logo

Our work with Ketchup began with a new logo design. Our roots go back a long way and we wanted a logo that carried that sense of tradition. Ketchup delivered with a conservative textual design incorporating the date of establishment. Now our customers know how long we’ve been serving our community – an impressive 85 years!


Web design

Next it was time to create our website. We needed a new design to refresh our image and reflect the changes in our store. Ketchup created a simple navy-and-white design that gave us a platform to tell people who we are and what we do.

The homepage showcases the wide range of best-selling brands we supply and the rolling banner at the top of the page gives us a chance to show off some of the designs of the products we sell and to advertise special offers and promotions.

What’s more, we can edit the new site ourselves, which means we can ensure our content is bang up-to-date easily and quickly.



Print adverts

In addition to the website, we were keen to reach a wider audience and were advised by Ketchup that printed adverts in the local press would help to reach members of the local community who weren’t necessarily tech-savvy and therefore wouldn’t see our website. Using this two-pronged approach, we were able to reach a much wider audience, many of whom would pass the store on a daily basis. This was part of our PR drive to promote our Oakham store.


Do you want to work with Ketchup?

Ketchup are able to offer a full range of services spanning marketing and PR. With their help, we were able to give our brand a boost and increase awareness of our presence among our local community. Our new logo gives us a sense of history and longevity we were looking for while the new web design brings us into the modern era.

If you feel your business could also use a branding boost or a bit of a PR drive, we recommend working with Ketchup. You can contact them by calling 01476 852990 or emailing

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