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Our Charity of the Year is…

July 23, 2014 10:25 am Published by Comments Off

We get a huge number of requests from Charities asking for support. Every single one is a worthwhile cause & we would support them all if we could.

However for reasons very close to all the team here at Knights of Oakham are very proud to be supporting Hope Against Cancer this year stating with supporting their ‘Bold and Blue Friday’  on 5th September.

The Hope Foundation was launched in 2002 to raise funds for research into the causes and treatment of cancer in Leicestershire and Rutland. It was founded by the late Allison Wilson CBE who discovered, after she was diagnosed with cancer in 1996, that the development of cancer care in Leicestershire and Rutland was hampered by lack of funding. Allison became aware during her own treatment that patients treated locally did not enjoy the proven advantages of being able to take part in clinical trials which were a feature of treatment in areas where there is strong financial support from cancer research charities. Allison’s vision, then, was to provide Leicestershire and Rutland with their own dedicated charity which would raise money in the two counties, for use in the two counties.

She therefore lent her support to the foundation of a new charity for Leicestershire and Rutland in the knowledge that this would lead to improved cancer care. She wanted to share her vision of the establishment of this area as a renowned cancer research centre with the reputation to attract the most able staff and provide the best available training for doctors and nurses in the field of cancer care.

Through the enormous generosity of the people of Leicestershire, Rutland and beyond, Hope Against cancer has to date raised over £3 million which has funded 31 research projects into many cancers including bladder, ovarian, prostate, melanoma, liver, bowel, leukaemia, colorectal and breast cancer together with nursing fellowships relating to patient care.

In May 2012 the Hope Against Cancer Clinical Trials Unit was opened at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, one of the first units outside of London. By supporting cancer research today we aim to develop effective treatments for the future.

For more details about the fantastic work carried out by the Charity, please visit their website